Sandra Simone Cohen Picture

Owner and designer, Sandra Simone, has refined her inspired tastes from her avid love of music and wanderlust.  Sandra has traveled far and wide and visited the world’s most beautiful boutiques and design houses, which has helped to cultivate her vision behind Baciami.  Sandra believes art is an expression of oneself and designs her pieces with the consumer first and foremost in mind.  Baciami offers designer apparel at affordable prices and embodies a true zest for life and a love of the arts.

Baciami is committed to making you feel beautiful and ready to take on the world.  Baciami believes you should love the way you look and feel in your clothes.  We hope that you will fall in love with each garment as each individual piece was made with the utmost love and care.  It is our passion to match our sleek and stylish design with our appreciation for comfort.  We assure you the greatest integrity of our work and we are so proud to say that our clothing is manufactured right here in the United States.

Baciami translates to, “Kiss Me,” a true reflection of Sandra’s intent to promote beauty, self-confidence, and glamour.

With love,
Sandra Simone – Owner/Designer